Live the Dream of your Exclusive Indian Wedding in Italy

An Italian destination wedding lends itself seamlessly for Indian weddings. You will be amazed to know that Italy has lately become one of the most popular wedding destinations for Indian wedding ceremonies. With their globally recognized focus on food and hospitality, Italians comprehend the Indian couples’ priorities and their traditions.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Indian wedding in Italy, a westernized vow exchange, or a mixed culture wedding event, we, Incanto Wedding in Italy are experts in arranging Indian wedding Italy. We understand your specific requirements based on the rituals, customs, and religion involved in your marriage and have a list of vendors in place to offer you the needed services.

Indian Wedding Ceremony in Italy. The Tradition:

An Indian wedding brings along customs, festivities, and rich colors, which have existed for several years. Indian couples would never decide their wedding day celebration depending on the season; however, they would calculate it with their zodiac signs and planets and stars to find the luckiest time, which would grant prosperity and success to their wedding. An Indian wedding is not just a day of celebration; rather a set of traditions, which are celebrated with the entire family members.

Incanto Wedding in Italy has the experience to assist you through the organization. You can easily have your traditional and romantic Indian wedding Italy in the most astounding location you have ever dreamt about.

The Practical Aspects of the Indian Wedding in Italy:

Getting married to the love of your life in a location like Italy implies you would need a professional wedding planner to help you with the practical aspects. We, being a professional, know exactly what needs to be done and would help you throughout the process.

Let you know that an Indian Wedding in Italy doesn’t possess a legal value, however, we would recommend you the best way possible to celebrate it, right from hiring a celebrant to follow and respect all the traditions and customs, to offering an Indian catering that would make you feel home, far away from home.

Why Incanto Wedding for your Indian wedding in Italy?

We aim to combine a traditional Indian wedding with the romantic Italian ambiance wherein the couple and their family members can experience an Italian destination wedding that would stay in their hearts forever.

It hardly matters where in Italy you want to get hitched, we, Incanto Wedding in Italy would make your dream come true, offering the optimum attention and care to make sure that your D-Day meets and exceeds your needs and expectations. Call us today.

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