Catholic Wedding Amalfi Coast

Catholic Wedding Amalfi Coast

If you are looking to have a Catholic Wedding in Amalfi Coast, then we at Incanto wedding in Italy will be very glad to arrange Amalfi Coast Destination Wedding Venues  and execute a lovely and perfect ceremony with the best wedding venues in one of the oldest and best churches of this region.

We plan your catholic weddings in the best churches at Amalfi Coast, and below is a selection of our favorite  ones.

Amalfi Cathedral or Duomo of St. Andrew – Amalfi

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This is the top cathedral in italy, and one of italy’s great masterpieces, located in the heart of Amalfi.
Amalfi cathedral is dedicated to Saint Andrew, whose relics are kept here. The interior and exterior of this cathedral is just mind blowing. It was originally built in the 10th century and work progressed until the 19th century. The stunning doors of the church are made of bronze, the first in Italy, were given to Amalfi by Pantaleon di Mauro comite.

This is with no doubt one of the best churches of Italy. The interior is of 10th century and the transept and choir are of 13th century. A wooden 13th century Crucifix hangs in the liturgical area.

The Amalfi cathedral is the most photogenic and choreographic catholic church in the entire Amalfi Coast area.

The cathedrals style is a mix of gothic, norman and morrish architecture and art with byzantine mosaics and bright majolica tiles.

Ravello’s  Cathedral – Ravello

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This is a 11th century cathedral, in the main square of  the lovely town of Ravello a few minutes walking from the most beautiful locations for your wedding.

It is a combination of Baroque and Romanesque styles and it’s dedicated to St. Pantaleone.
The Cathedral is flanked by a handsome bell-tower dating to the 14th century, and entered through magnificent bronze doors made by Barisanus of Trani in 1179.

The main attractions of the Ravello Cathedral are the pulpit,  which is supported by six spiraled columns sitting on marble lions, and the chapel of St. Pantaleone the healer where his blood is kept.

The cathedral also has a museum, which is accessible through a side entrance.

San Francesco Church – Ravello

The church of St. Francesco D’Assisi was built in the year 1222 and later rebuilt in the 18th century. The cathedral has a Baroque style and can reached only on foot by the means of a picturesque pathway along  Ravello’s little streets to this intimate corner of the town.

Santa Maria al Gradillo Church- Ravello

A few steps from Ravello’s main square you will find this charming little church built in the 12th century. It has a nave two aisles and features beautifully carved columns and supporting rounded arches. The church also has a glass panel overlaying the 12th century floor. The intimacy offered by this church is ideal for small number of guests ceremonies.

San Giovanni Del Toro Church – Ravello

The small church dates back to the 11th century, and was restored in 1715 after damage caused by an earthquake, and again in 1990s. It has a Romanesque architecture and during the Middle Ages was a place of worship for the nobility of the area.

The church is notable for its mosaics. An eagle supports the reading desk, and it holds a book opened to the first sentence of the gospel of John. The beautiful pulpit contains oriental pottery and Arabic script and the steps up to it contain preserved frescoes with scenes from the life of Christ.

Just between the main luxury Ravello hotels, it’s the ideal place for very small and intimate ceremonies.

Santa Maria Assunta Church – Positano

This church is a great example of medival art., located in Positano’s downtown, a few steps from the beach of Marina Grande. Its majolica yellow green and blue dome, is the symbol of the city.
The present looks of the church was finalized with the restoration works finished in the year 1783. The alter in the church is dedicated to Madonna del Carmine along with a painting coming from the charterhouse of serra St Bruno in Calabria.

San Pancrazio Church – Conca de Marini

This church is of San Pancrazio martyr, which is on a tree lined square. The sea view you get from the church is very stunning. The church is situated very close to Amalfi town and it got a spacious terrace where you can entertain your guests with a fresh lemon sorbetto and the warming view of sea.

This church also got a private parking that makes transfers very easy and comfortable.

Santa Maria Maddalena Church –  Atrani

This church was founded in 1274, and is dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. Over the time, this church has got much restoration works. The church has got two transepts, one covered with tiles, other has flat roof, it’s decorated with XVIII century statues and paintings placed in the two sides. The facade is said to be the only example of Rococo on the Amalfi Coast. The terrace of the sacristy overlooks the gulf of Salerno.

Santa Maria Annunziata Church- Scala

This church is located in the small square of Scala, in the hamlet of Minuta, which retains the mark of the town’s flourishing medieval past. It was made in the 9th century in Romanesque style. It is a perfect place for an unforgettable wedding. The church can be reached along a stone pawed pathway made of a hundred steps downhill, and from the square with a panoramic view you can admire the ruins of of S. Eustachio Basilica and Ravello.

San Gennaro Church – Praiano

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In Praiano’s town centre there is the church consecrated to St. Gennaro the only example of baroque architecture on the Coast.
This church was built in 1589 on an existing structure dating back to 1200. The structure is flanked by a bell tower with a cupola covered in typical majolica tiles, the structure is divided in three naves, in the lateeal ones there are many altars dedicated to the Rosary, the Sacred Family, St. Bartolomeo Immaculate Conception and San Michele Archangel.

The most famous characteristic from the interior is the tiled floor with elegant geometric designs containing fruit, flowers, leaves and birds.

This church is on a large square overlooking the sea, from here you can reach the Gavitella beach walking along a little street.

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